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Making a difference never tasted so good...
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Decadent Cookies

About Us

​Sierra House Cookies Cookie Dough is more than just cookies; it is a philanthropic effort that supports community, family, youth, and education. In 2009, Keely Freeman, Founder and Executive Director of Sierra House, saw cookie dough as a way to bring revenue to Sierra House to help support programs and general operating expenses.

Raise Cash for Your Cause

The most unique thing about Sierra House Cookies is that it has two charitable purposes: it benefits Sierra House, Inc., which helps homeless young women and mothers, and it raises funds for the participating organization, which will keep up to $5 for every box of cookie dough that it sells.

Why Sierra House Cookie Dough is So Amazing

Sierra House Cookies Cookie Dough is all natural made from the best ingredients, and does not contain any preservatives to take away from its taste. Try one of our four original recipes today: Sierra Chip, Sierra Delight, Acadamia Nut, and Hidden Treasure.

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