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In 2009, Keely Freeman, Founder of Sierra House and Sierra House Cookies, LLC, saw cookies as a way to bring revenue to Sierra House to help support programs and general operating expenses. Because she was not a baker and wanted the cookies to be unique, original, and something that consumers would remember, Freeman sought out the help of a local baker, who created a kosher and all-natural cookie dough line to be sold exclusively to Sierra House Cookies. The most remarkable thing about Sierra House Cookies, LLC is that each type of cookie is designed to resemble some of the unique personalities and character traits of the young women residing at Sierra House.

Sierra House Cookies, LLC also sets itself apart from its competitors because it has two charitable purposes: it benefits Sierra House, Inc, which helps homeless young women and mothers, and it raises funds for the participating organization, which will keep up to $5 for every cookie dough container it sells. This is especially important at this time, a time where economic conditions are leading to funding shortages, scarce resources and shortfalls in charitable giving.


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