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Sierra House Cookie Dough Offers Your Organization a Great Fundraising Opportunity

Making a difference never tasted so good...


Cookie dough has become one of today’s most popular and profitable fundraising programs. Why? Everyone loves fresh-baked cookies. And Sierra House Cookies offer a lot to love. These scrumptious gourmet cookies are a treat everyone will eat up. This makes them a natural choice for your next fundraiser.

Sierra House Cookie Dough Offers Your Organization a Great Fundraising Opportunity. Your cause will earn up to $5 for each box of cookie dough sold. The dollar amount earned by your group is as follows:

# of Boxes Sold            Amount Earned Per Box

- 200 – 600                                       $2

​- 601 – 1,000                                    $3

1,001 – 2,000                                 $4

- 2,001 and More                              $5




​​Selling Sierra House Cookie Dough is fun, easy, and can help your school, team, club and other organizations with a charitable purpose raise money for their cause. Begin raising money for your cause today. To get started all you need to do is to click on the below button.

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