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Sierra House Cookies Cookie Dough is all natural made from all natural ingredients and retains its delicious flavor for up to six months frozen. Sierra House Cookies Cookie Dough makes it easy to enjoy the amazing taste of homemade cookies without the time and mess of making the dough yourself. Just follow the simple directions, place a pre-cut square of cookie dough onto a cookie sheet, and bake. It’s that easy. 

Acadamia Nut (Macadamia Nut Cookie)

  • The “Acadamia Nut” is a delicious blend of macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips that will make your mouth say “Ahhhh”. Each cookie has a mouth-watering nutty taste that will appeal to your taste buds.

    Inspiration: This cookie was inspired by the emphasis that Sierra House places on academic advancements. Each resident is encouraged to reach their highest academic potential and succeed, while realizing that along the way they can still have fun.
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